PHOTO-2021-12-13-21-30-05Revé Terborg is an Amsterdam based performer, choreographer (for film), model and co-founder of The Energy Movement. She started dancing at the age of thirteen at Jake’s Dance Factory where she developed her hiphop and streetjazz skills. After graduating in her twenties from the JazzMusical Dance department from the School the Arts in Amsterdam, she toured all over the world with directors/choreographer’s like Andre Gingras/DanceWorksRotterdam – Anatomica 1&3, Wimvandekeybus/UltimaVez – What The Body Does Not Remember Revival, Arno Schuitemaker – including the Swan winning production The Way You Sound tonight, Julian Hetzel’s Schuldfabrik and Keren Levi’s Topsy Turvy.

Apart from dance performances, Revé starred in several film projects. She danced in Ruben van Leer’s music videos Play house by Afrobeta, Glass of the microscope by Yeasayer and in the dancefilm Hypnagogia by director Frank Scheffer and choreographer Muhanad Rasheed.
In 2014 Revé made her first film choreography for the Symphonic Cinema production Firebird, directed by Lucas van Woerkum. The film formes a synergy with an orchestra playing Stravinsky’s Firebird live. Firebird had three sold out performances at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and continued touring internationally. In 2021, two feature film productions she worked for, Silent heat by Lucienne Venner and 10 Songs for Charity by Karin Junger had their premiere at Het Nederlandse Film Festival and we’re selected for the Golden Calf competition.

In 2015 she and a couple of Amsterdam based friends started organizing The Energy Movement events. A movement to get people to dance again. Especially in the West where we are very much aware of our heads and sometimes forget we have a body. A big nurturing factor for her Energy Movement initiatives are the tribal communities in the country where Reve’s roots lie: Surinam. She partly lives in an
indigenous tribe in the Amazon as her boyfriend and father of her daughter is from and lives in this area. Physical and vocal expression is a big part of the daily live of the inhabitants in Surinam. Her mission with the Energy Movement is to spread this instinctive, original and free expression to the rest of the world.


One comment

  1. Hoi Revé!

    Maarten hier, een van de ouwe knarren van de Energizer. Die ene die een muntje uit z’n hand kan laten verdwijnen. Bril, kaal. Afijn, ik hoop dat je weet wie ik ben. 😄
    Ik heb een vraag: een bevriend stel gaat over twee weken naar suriname en wil graag de jungle in. Ik moest aan jouw vriend denken. Zal ik ze met hem in contact brengen? En heb je dan eventueel zijn gegevens voor me, dat ik ze aan m’n vrienden doorspeel?


    Maarten Willemse

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