Revé Terborg is an Amsterdam based artist working in the international dance-, fashion- and film industry. She started dancing at the age of thirteen at Jake’s Dance Factory where she developed her hiphop and streetjazz skills. In 2007 she was accepted to the Bachelor Dance at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. Revé made her choreography debut with her performance Vanilla Sky Nude and performed the role of Euridice in the graduation performance Euridice Regained by renowned choreographer Cecilia Moisio. After her studies she worked for the contemporary dance company DanceWorksRotterdam/AndréGingras. The production Anatomica 1 & 3 received rave reviews and toured around the United States of America, Canada and The Netherlands. Apart from dance performances, Revé starred in several film projects. She danced in Ruben van Leer’s music videos Play house by Afrobeta, Glass of the microscope by Yeasayer and in the dancefilm Hypnagogia by director Frank Scheffer and choreographer Muhanad Rasheed.
In 2014 Revé made her first film choreography for the Symphonic Cinema production Firebird, directed by Lucas van Woerkum. The film formes a synergy with an orchestra playing Stravinsky’s Firebird live. Firebird had three sold out performances at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and continued touring in the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and China.
In the summer of 2014 Revé Terborg joined Ultima Vez/Wimvandekeybus to perform the revival of What the Body Does Not Remember. It is the debut work from Wim VandekeyBus and UltimaVez in 1987 and stunned the world of dance at the time. Twenty-eight years later, with a new cast, the show still stands as one of the most exciting pieces of dance ever made and went once again on a world-tour. Vandekeybus and composers Thierry de Mey and Peter Vermeersch recieved the prestigious Bessie Award in New York for this ‘brutal confrontation of dance and music: the dangerous combative landscape of What the body does not Remember.
Between the performances on stage Revé also continued working as a model and dancer in different fashion shows around Europe such as for Nike, Germany’s Ernstings Family and commercial Immersion for motor company Lincoln.

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