Do you feel like having a deeper connection to your body, having a full body work out, but don’t feel like being in the gym or doing complicated dancesteps?! You are at the right place!

If you feel like syncing your life more according to the flows of your beautiful and powerful cycle, with not too much thinking or reading, but just by doing your own groovy moves: you ‘ve come to the right place!

Do you find yourself overthinking your actions and sentences over and over and watch the opportunities of living a full, ambitious and passionate life, passing you by? You’re also at the right place.

Do you experience that what the outside world is expecting from you is overwhelming and you just don’t have the energy and focus anymore to flourish your own heartfelt wishes? You’ve come to the right place.

Do you keep on being in situations where your intuition actually already told you the first second you encountered this situation that you just don’t feel like doing it, but because of being ‘nice’,or feeling ‘pity’ or all kinds of rational reasons you stay in this situation, only to find yourself unhappy and feeling a huge energy drain and thinking: I should’ve listened to my gut feeling right at the beginning? And you tell yourself you need to listen to your intuition more? You’ve come to the right place!

Us Ladies or cyclical human beings have Super Powerful Natural Organizer that we carry around in our bellies and actually let a supercreative flow of energy go through our body. The power and energies of creation itself, the energy that can give birth to a human life, go through our bodies, e-ver-y month…

Are you reading that careful enough beautiful being?
The power that goes through our bodies, the tremendous power we have as cyclical beings. So interwoven with the force of creation itself.
Can you Imagine the impact your actions will have, if you sync your heartfelt wishes with the cycle of creation you have in your belly.
The hormones of our Menstrual cycle flow in such a way that we experience 4 different stages in our cycle: menstruation, the follicular phase, ovulation and the luteal phase. The energies that come free in these different stages, because of the different flows in hormones, bring different physical and emotional strengths in you and therefor are closely related to the 4 different seasons in a year: winter, spring, summer and autumn.

If you sync your businessplanning, familyplanning or any creation with your cycle, you can make you actions highly effective and efficient and on the other hand build in enough rest to prevent burn outs.

All you have to do with Revé to get you deeply connected to your body, radiating energy en also taking rest when needed: is Dancing!! Revé developped special exercises and playlist for each of the four different phases so you’ll click into your cycle without even thinking about it. You’ll just be having fun, having a body work out and enjoying the groove the excellent music gives you.

Be very welcome to check the website and find out all the ways Revé and her team can coach you to feel your BEST by dancing your cycle. You can also book a FREE Discovery Zoom Call with Revé to see how she can be at service to you and your life-goals and wishes. Fill your name and emailadress below, a message is not obliged. Revé and her team will get back to you to check what time suits you best for your appointment.