From October 2015 Revé is a guest teacher at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, Bachelor JazzMusical/Urban Contemporary. There she gives a mix of contemporary floor work and urban dance styles.

From the same period on she’s also started teaching her own developed dance class at De Bewustzijn School. Class: The Energy Movement: we use visualizations, guided improvisation, different (contemporary) dance techniques and the groove of the music to expand our body awareness and explore our range of movement outside our daily movement pattern.

She aso gives The Energy Movement 1 on 1 Dance Class. A private dance class where she uses specifically tuned to the student movement exercises to expand the body awareness, range of movement and illuminate certain blockages.
By creating movement in all the energy systems in the body, doing strengthening- and stretching exercises of the muscles you create a healthier posture which affects your self confidence, receptivity and even your sense of joy. The student is free to bring his or her own music to dance on.
As an extra option the student we work in one or more sessions towards a dance solo to eventually make a professional recording of your dance. You’ll get an edited dance film and two dance stills of your own movement language.
Both classes of The Energy Movement Classes are very accessible for non-dancers.
For bookings or more information email Revé at: terborg.reve@gmail.com